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Search Tips

Search term must be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 80 characters. Capitalization is ignored. The Search tool can help find both product (sales) information and Knowledge Base documents.

Our Knowledge Base holds hundreds of articles containing tips, techniques and best practices. You must be logged into the site to search the Knowledge Base. Login here.

Here are some tips to help you find answers quickly:

  1. Logged-in Version 6 users will see only V6 Knowledge Base and SPR docs. Version 5 users see only V5 Knowledge Base and SPR docs.
  2. By default the search tool scans all available information including product information (sales) documents.
  3. Read the text snippets. The lines of text displayed with each document title can help you decide if the document is of interest.
  4. You can restrict searches by using filters. For example, removing the check from the Product Info box when you search will hide sales documents.
  5. How-to Searches: Check the Knowledge Base box for most "how-to" searches.
  6. Looking for Downloads? Place a checkmark in the Downloads box for help with the latest software updates.(SPRs)
  7. Searching Everything: Checking all three boxes will provide search results containing product (sales) information as well as all Knowledge Base and downloads.
  8. The All words Drop-down choice is a good one if you get too many irrelevant hits. For example the search string "California payroll" will find each document containing the word "payroll" even if the document has nothing to do with California. The All words choice will reduce these false hits.
  9. Use the Exact phrase choice sparingly. This filter does what it says, so, with it, search results for "California payroll" will not yield documents unless they contain that exact phrase, A document containing only the term "CA payroll" would not appear in such a hit list.
  10. Try different search strings. Try alternate words and phrases. For example if you want to know how to suppress the printing of Social Security numbers on pay stubs, try searching for suppress or printing in addition to pay stub.
  11. Changing the Order of Results By default newest documents are displayed first. Reorder search results with the drop-down providing Newest, Oldest, Most Popular, Alphabetical, and Section/Category sorting. This can be helpful when you get a lot of hits.

List of Knowledge Base Documents

For a list of all Knowledge Base documents, click here.